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 Building Your Brand Locally

Building and maintaining your brand’s presence in the market is always difficult and costly for any brand entering into the Southern California Market. We work with you and your distributor in the territory to grow sales and add placements in the market. Giving the impression of a much larger presence helps create engagement in the trade and helps you consistently grab “mind share” in the marketplace. We know the accounts that will work with you as you grow your brand, covering most aspects of the market: from “Mom and Pops”, to approvals and placements in large grocery and convenience chains.
Building the right presence in the market is crucial and your goals are dynamic. Investing in a flexible sales solution is critical to help you grow and continue to build up your distribution footprint.  We help you define your needs for your brand and approach the territory in the right way.


Chain Sales

Your product is starting to take off in the market but you don’t have the relationships or know how to get your product in the hands of the buyers that make the decisions regionally or nationally, we do and we can help your product get in the accounts that will maximize your potential in the trade.

Sales Rep

You have the next big breakout star in the beverage world and most of your budget is going to marketing promotion and working with your distributor. Our reps know the right stores, bars and restaurants to help you get your product in the market in consumers hands and on shelves.

Crew Runs

You need to get the brand off and running ASAP.
The hops and cooling and ready to be poured.You need to grab as many on and off-premise placements as you can. Crew Runs get you off and running quickly and able to target key areas for your brands growth.

Territory Management

We help you manage your business in CA,
work with you to secure authorizations make sure your goals for the territory are being met and you have a dependable extension of your team locally at a fraction of the cost.