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Bock Wines

Eclectic Wines for Curious Minds and Exciting Distillates for Free Spirits

Bock Wines & Spirits cares about the clientele of our customers and their pure satisfaction from the wines & spirits we represent.

We offer the most complete line of terroir driven wines & spirits in the world. To strive for products that are harmonious, balanced and value oriented. We search out wine producers that are first and foremost wine growers, and if not so lucky as to own their own vines, to obtain producers with strong and collaborative relationships with their growers.We search out distillers who have a keen knowledge of their craft and who while respecting tradition are evolving at the same time their art of producing essential spirits.

Bock Wines

High Water

Steve Altmari’s passion and love for beers and unique flavors. After 15 years of successful career as a brewer, Steve decided to invest in his own brewing business. The High Water Brewing Company was born with a mission to deliver high quality beers. With his wife, Barri, they have created traditional styles as well as those which feature “unique flavors for the curious palatte.” High Water Brewing’s beers are now enjoyed by craft beer enthusiasts nationally and internationally.  High Water


DULCIE is a natural and delicious sweetener.
It´s an organic natural extract of sugarcane Sap. The Sap being the juice, the vital circulating fluid of sugarcane, an important source of energy and vitality.
DULCIE is what white sugar was, in the begining. When no chemical additives were added to it! When all its Vitamins and essential minerals were not yet taken away. Dulcie

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Zone 8 Beverages 

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Precis Vodka™ is the product of our unique Liquid Precision technique that combines a traditional Swedish hand crafted technique with a modern Vapor distillation process.  It goes through five separate distillations and is ruggedly strained and never filtered, creating a smooth and clean finish.. Precis Spirits

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