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Sales Reps

You need a consistent presence in the field to grow your brand in SoCal, its a large territory  and complex to navigate. Our sales teams are focused on working with small portfolios to maximize your market presense. We know the accounts and where your brand will do the best, know you need to work in in the territory just the right way to maximize your performance. We can help you get things moving in the right direction and building strong relationships at the account level.  You need to drive volume for your brand and getting placement is the priority, even if you’re not the biggest grower in your distributor’s portfolio and you can’t bring on a fulltime person to be dedicated to the territory we can help you grow. 

How do you grow and manage your business at the same time in one the biggest markets in the US?

Our model lets you target the right areas you want to grow in, and is flexibable enough to stop once you have the right accounts mix in place with DistroPartners. Our model gives you the sales coverage that you need with a flat rate and set commission rates. Our reps generally see an average of 20 accounts per day in any of our sub regions we are in 1,000’s of accounts a month. 

Placement Includes:

Proper POS positioning in account
Secure display’s and case stack’s 
Regular account follow-up after placement